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The Clean Mama Routine

Weekly Tasks

After you feel like you have a handle on the daily tasks, it’s time to learn the Weekly Tasks. These tasks should only take 10-15 minutes a day once you get in the swing of the Clean Mama Routine. Set a timer for the amount of time you have. If you don’t complete something, finish it up on Friday or the next week.

monday is for


Using my step by step Bathroom Quick Clean method you can clean your bathrooms in 15 minutes!

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tuesday is for


Dusting can be easy and fun; the secret is to do it every Tuesday, you don’t want to let the dust accumulate!

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wednesday is for


Learn the secret trick to getting the dirt out of your carpet and rugs over on my website.

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thursday is for

Floor Washing

Mopping floors doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult! Vacuuming the day before makes this task even easier.

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friday is for


Didn’t get your bathrooms clean or laundry done? Do it on Friday! Fridays are also a great day to incorporate one of the Rotating Tasks. I also like to menu plan and grocery shop too!

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saturday is for

Sheets + Towels

With a load of laundry happening every day of the week, you’ll be caught up on everything else!

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