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The Clean Mama Routine

Rotating Tasks

After you have successfully implemented the Weekly Tasks into your routine, it’s time to learn the Rotating Tasks. You can do these at the same time as your Weekly Tasks, or you can tackle them one at a time. We incorporate many of these tasks into our Catch-All Day Fridays or with a day of the week that it makes sense with. For instance, Vacuum Baseboards works well when incorporated with Wednesday, Vacuuming Day. Do all of it on one day OR spread it out through the month so it’s less time consuming.

You don’t need to memorize these rotating deep cleaning tasks.

When you are ready to incorporate them, look at the page for the month in your planner and you’ll see the ROTATING TASKS alongside the MONTHLY FOCUS. These tasks ROTATE so they aren’t the same every month – I’ve figured out a system for them so you don’t have to. Just do what you can for the month – that’s it!

The Rotating Tasks

Vacuum + Wash Baseboards
Clean Light Fixtures
Wash or Vacuum Rugs
Launder Bedding
Vacuum + Spot Clean Furniture
Polish Wood Furniture
Change Filters
Clean Oven + Other Appliances
Wipe Down Appliances
Wash Windows
Wipe Switches / Phones / Remotes

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