December 23, 2022

It’s the Little Things #201

Well, we made it! Christmas is right around the corner, cookies have been made and sampled, menus planned and shopped for and we are just about ready for company. How are you feeling about the next couple of days? I know it can be an overwhelming season and my hope is that you are able to enjoy it, however it may look for you this year.

I have a couple of fun ones to share this week, including a homemade eggnog recipe from Tastes Better Than Scratch that has store bought beat, hands down. Next, Must Loves Herbs shared the cutest little gingerbread cottage I have ever seen. Her account is so whimsical and delightful. I have been looking at Chelsea boots with the cold weather and always appreciate Merrick’s fashion advice. Lastly, if you are feeling overwhelmed and behind in your company coming prep, look at my post that I shared this week on my blog. 

We have made three batches of this and the kids are begging for the fourth. We love eggnog and this homemade version from Tastes Better from Scratch is honestly better than store made. 

via Tastes Better from Scratch

Now this sweet little toadstool gingerbread cottage is pretty much the cutest gingerbread house I have ever seen. If you aren’t already Must Love Herbs on Instagram, do! Her Instagram account is so delightful!

via @mustloveherbs

It is getting chilly, as in borderline below zero in my area of the Midwest and my bare ankle days are officially over. I have been seeing a lot of Chelsea boots around and love the look. This post from Merrick couldn’t have come at a better time. Which one is your favorite?

via Merrick’s Art

If you have company coming and feel overwhelmed, take a look at this timely post I shared this week. You don’t have to clean every surface, just hit these high points. 

via Clean Mama


Save the dates! Check out what’s coming up – what are you most excited for?

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It’s the Little Things